Thanksgiving 1999

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Well, once again Thanksgiving is upon us so it's time to pack up and head to Bryce Canyon for some relaxation, a bunch of eating and drinking (keeping in the tradition) and of course, exploring. It's a sparse accompaniment this year, just my roommate, Bryce with Snow, 98.jpg (202312 bytes)Mark, with Paul (he's always game) swinging over from Sacramento on Friday. Oh well, I guess everyone will just have to experience this trip vicariously. To that end I have set up this page with links to additional pages "sent from the field". While I wish more of you could have traveled with me I hope I can convey at least a little of the enjoyment that I know I will experience on this particular journey. Due to  a sudden "opening" in my calendar this year, instead of returning on the Monday following Thanksgiving, as is my custom, I will take the rest of that week off to travel about further afield. Enjoy!


Day 1 -  Outward Bound Day 2 -  Hell's Backbone Day 3 -  Yup, you're gonna get wet!
Day 4 -  Can you spare a tire? Day 5 -  Solitude Day 6 -  Slots of Ice
Day 7 -  Over the mountain and through the... Day 8 -  Castles In The Sky Day 9 -  But·te·ful