Thanksgiving 2001


August, September, October, and all of a sudden (it seemed) Thanksgiving is coming up and, and, and I haven't gotten anyone to go to Bryce Canyon with me! I send out a "reminder" at the last minute - about a week beforehand - but get no takers. (I wonder why?) So I decide that this year I will go by myself. And I'll go for the whole week. Needless to say, I didn't make the usual with all the trimmings Thanksgiving meal, and I had a great time! While it would have been nice to have had some company along with me, I nevertheless had some marvelous little adventures hiking and exploring all by myself. The following pages describe the various places I was able to visit this trip, along with a few of the wonderful pictures I was able to obtain. The weather was both warm & sunny and cold & snowy - typical for this annual trek to southern Utah.

Though I didn't venture out every day, I ended up taking 14 rolls of pictures, which you can view by clicking:  Bryce, 2001 Photo Gallery . I think I got some pretty good shots this year, especially the last day after the big snowfall from the previous night. I saw some new places and revisited some "old friends". I was hiking around in slippers and shorts and 4-wheeling in the snow. It was as always a great time. Relaxing and invigorating at the same time. So, why don't you take a short break from your daily grind, and take a little trip with me back to the only place I ever want to be at Thanksgiving?


On the Way Queen's Garden Canaan Mtn.
Egypt Bench Grosvenor Arch Snow!