Welcome! Welcome to my online Photo Gallery! These are from my most recent trips, from the past few years. More will be coming as I get time. Note that these are copies of the raw scans; no retouching/touching up/"photoshopping" has been done - that comes later when I print off the best ones. Note also that there may be multiple of the very same shot since I often bracket the exposure to ensure (hopefully) that I get at least one good shot. You'll also see that there are quite a few "sequential" shots. This is because I love to take and put together panoramic scenes (see examples from the Havasupai trip). Anyway, I hope you enjoy viewing some of the places and sights that I have been so fortunate to have experienced. If you take a particular liking to a picture or two, drop me a line. I'm sure that we can work something out! (The printed version will be WAYYYY better than what you can see on a monitor.)

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Sedona, Jan '00
Sierra Pond
Sierra Pond


Spring Birthdays, 2001
Spring Birthdays
Home from Vegas, 2001 (Red Rock & Anza-Borrego)
Home from Vegas, 2001
Memorial Day Weekend, 2001
Memorial Day Weekend, 2001
Tour the volcanoes of the Cascades and other spots
Volcano Tour
Katherine Barclay Salmon's Christening
Katherine's Christening
Thanksgiving 2001 trip to Bryce Canyon and environs
Thanksgiving @ Bryce, 2001
Xmas 2001 trip to home then exploring my way back
Xmas Xcountry Trip, 2001


Sights from my Tahoe, 2002 trip:  Fossil Falls and Brodie (old mining ghost town)
Tahoe:  Fossil Falls & Brodie
The back way home from Las Vegas (through the desert)
Home From Vegas, 2002
Memorial Day Weekend trip to Mono Lake and Yosemite
Memorial Day Weekend, 2002
Annual trip to the Kings River for July 4th
July 4th @ the Kings River
My 45th (Can you believe it?) Birthday Party
My 45th Birthday Party
Trip to Havasupai Canyon, Labor Day Weekend, 2002
Havasupai Trip, 2002
Kelso Dunes as the sun rises
Kelso Dunes
Thanksgiving 2002 trip to Bryce Canyon and environs
Thanksgiving @ Bryce, 2002
Office Xmas White Elephant-Potluck Party, 2002
Xmas Office Party, 2002
Ted's Xmas Potluck/Birthday Party, 2002
Ted\'s Birthday Potluck, 2002
Home for the Holidays, 2002
Home for Xmas, 2002
White Elephant Party, 2002
White Elephant Party, 2002


Mammoth Trip
Mammoth Trip
Vickie's Birthday dinner
Vickie's Birthday
JohnBoy's birthday celebration at Xinh Doi
JohnBoy's Birthday
Playin' some grass!
Arcadia Volleyball
Birthdays at the Office!
Office Birthdays
Sheila's 40th Birthday
In search of wildflowers in Anza-Borrego
Total eclipse of the moon!
Kelso Dunes Lunar Eclipse
Cooking me some dogs! (Turkey of course!!)
Memorial Day Weekend BBQ
On top of Half Dome!
Half Dome & Hetchy Hetchy
Thuy Van's winning?!
Happy Cowz Poker Night
Spike that ball!
Happy Cowz Grass Tournament
Lazy at the river
Kings River
Go Daisy!
BBQ at Lowe's!
I'm waiting...!
Happy Cowz Broomball Night
Harry spikes!
Office Picnic
'I'm gonna win Homey!'
Happy Cowz Poker Night II
Made it!
San Jacinto Hike
At the tunnels down to Moody Falls!
Havasupai Trip, 2003
Hiking along Piru Creek
Fishbowls Hike
Carribean at sunset
Jamaica Retreat

All Images © 2002, 2003   Copyright Chris Coan