On this page you will find thumbnails of Bryce Canyon and surrounding areas from the explorations undertaken by others and me over Thanksgivings past. It is a just a small sample of the many breathtaking sights that are to be beheld by all who venture forth into this wonderful kaleidoscope of colors, forms, and textures. Unfortunately, the sample presented here is smaller still due to my having had 7 of my Photo CDs stolen from my truck. Oh well. Just more reason to go back; not that I need much urging. So take a gander at the presentation here, and if one or more strikes your fancy, click it see a larger view. Keep in mind though that the only way to truly appreciate the grandeur is to get out there and go exploring with me (or without me - that's cool too). The pictures here are meant to merely whet your appetite.



Bryce With Snow.jpg
Snowing at Bryce

Cold Pond Near Bryce (81).jpg
Pond near Bryce

Powell Point

Pariah River Canyon Hike.jpg (311542 bytes)
Along the Paria River

It's Snowing at Bryce!.jpg (204732 bytes)
Its snowing!


Calf Creek 27.jpg (192801 bytes)
Calf Creek Falls

Me In Front of Grovesnor Arch (14).jpg (237137 bytes)
Grosvenor Arch

Old Paria Movie Set (24).jpg (161089 bytes)
Old Paria movie set

Long Canyon

Fall Colors

Calf Creek Leaves (85).jpg (220366 bytes)
Elderberry leaves

Calf Creek Forming Arch (88).jpg (206108 bytes)
Arch forming

Grosvenor Arch (Me, Natasha & Steve).jpg (200884 bytes)
Me, Natasha & Steve

Sun Setting on the Henry Mtns.jpg (197447 bytes)
Sunset, Henry Mts.

Clear Day over the HogsBack (96).jpg (271210 bytes)
The Hogsback

Coming Down Hell's Backbone (60).jpg (212568 bytes)
Devil's Backbone

Trees at Wolverine Petrified Wood Area (40).jpg (312725 bytes)
Wolverine Petrified Wood Area

Leaving Wolverine Area (46).jpg (247686 bytes)
Leaving Wolverine Petrified Wood Area

Calf Creek '97, John & Grace.jpg (191384 bytes)
John & Grace, Calf Creek Falls

Wolverine Fossil Area Group Shot (10).jpg (194488 bytes)
Collecting wood?
Hole-In-the-Rock Road.jpg (224486 bytes)
Hole-In-The-Rock Road
Purty Bush Near Slot Canyons.jpg (178656 bytes)
Calf Creek Beaver Pond, 98.jpg (205122 bytes)
Beaver pond
Natasha at Wolverine Fossil Area (14).jpg (199395 bytes)
Natasha trying to fly?

Virgin River '98.jpg (234565 bytes)
Virgin River

The Waterpocket Fold (51).jpg (210210 bytes)
Waterpocket Fold

Sqeezin' Thru the Slots.jpg (223849 bytes)
Squeezing thru the slots

Thru the Arch in the Slots.jpg (198722 bytes)
Arch in the slots

Me at Zion Overlook '95.jpg (172972 bytes)
Zion Overlook

Calf Creek.jpg (276884 bytes)
Calf Creek

Overlooking Calf Creek Canyon.jpg (211759 bytes)
Calf Creek Canyon

Slot Canyon.jpg (202973 bytes)
Slot Canyon

Trees by Calf Creek Falls (94).jpg (175450 bytes)
Below Calf Creek Falls

Mark the Scoflaw.jpg (185275 bytes)

Cottonwood Along Paria (22).jpg (344458 bytes)

Old Pariah Settlement (Butte).jpg (168587 bytes)
Near Old Paria

Small Slot Canyon Off of Paria River (17).jpg (278544 bytes)
Small slot canyon

Dead Tree in Petrified Park.jpg (171108 bytes)
Nice dead tree!

PetrifiedPark1.jpg (188930 bytes)
Petrified wood