San Francisco

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I had to go up to San Francisco for a wedding (Min & Sam's) and was planning on flying up Saturday morning (wedding was at 5:30), but on Friday the Exploring Bug bit me and I decided at the last minute to drive (I must be crazy). To make it worthwhile I also decided to take the following Monday off from work to make it a 3 day weekend. I figured that would give me 2 whole days to explore my way back to L.A. which would be enough. I drove up without any specific return plans formulated but figured that I would probably somehow work my way down the coast via Rt. 1 - truly one of the most scenic byways anywhere.

So sit back and enjoy my thought and recollections of what turned out to be a fantastic trip!



Saturday - Don't call it Frisco Sunday - I want to move to Marin! Monday - Up in the clouds!