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One of the purposes of my summer sojourn was to just take a whole bunch of pictures and I surely did do that - 22 rolls worth. I used to take lots and lots of photos, but haven't done too much shooting lately; mainly because I used to travel and "explore" a lot more than I have of late. Consequently, an important factor in my decision on whether to go or not was that I would be presented with a multitude of "Kodak Moments" and I would perhaps "get back" into something that used to give me a tremendous amount of pleasure. A tremendous amount. Well, there were indeed many, many moments, as you may have surmised after reading the emails composed during my travels. I've included here a sampling of them, the best I like to think, of the 600+ "moments" recorded by me on film. Note that there were so very many more I imprinted not on film, but rather in the catalog of my mind; memories which I can recall on demand, to brighten my day, or to share with someone special, or to just pass the time during an otherwise unoccupied moment. I hope you like.

The East:

NY Fall Colors.jpg (185655 bytes)
NY Fall Foliage
Mountain Man's Cabin.jpg (212587 bytes)
Mountain Man Cabin
NY Wildlife Refuge.jpg (201783 bytes)
NY Wildlife Refuge
Rushing to the Precipice.jpg (184794 bytes)
Rushing to the Precipice
Bridal Veil Rainbow.jpg (166188 bytes)
Bridal Veil Rainbow