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Some Observations and Conclusions:

1. Trucks suck! Heaven forbid that they be prevented from going as fast as they want/can at any time. It doesn't matter that by pulling into the left lane to keep from slowing down in the slightest that someone else (i.e. a car or worse, cars) has to wait... and wait... and wait. They have to maintain; because they're trucks I guess.

2. Too many toll roads in the east. If it says Expressway, watch out! It's going to cost you.

3. In the east, only, my Super Big Gulp leaves an actual puddle of water in the cup holder.

4. Canadians love their golf. I swear, almost literally every little town I passed through had at least one golf course or driving range. No matter how small. Amazing!

5. There's this one town in Ontario which Big Tobacco executives should move to if it gets too hot for them here. Out of the 6 people I saw walking around outside when driving through, 5 were smoking. All ages too.

6. Mosquitoes suck!

7. Did you get that last one?

8. Bazillions of stars visible in the night sky is cool!

9. If you're driving and you're starting to feel sleepy, put on Devo's "Greatest Hits" and crank it way up!. Guaranteed to wake your butt up! Guaranteed.

10. Tennessee gas stations have good windshield washing stuff. Always soapy and long-handled squeegees. Michigan gas stations suck on this.

11. It's really nice to not have to "Pay before you pump".

12. Regular is not always 87 octane (R+M/2). In New Mexico it's 86, in Montana it's 85.5. Check before you pump (but pay after you pump).

13. Rural America is white! I mean it is whi-ite. It really felt strange at first, but then I thought, "Hey, I like this. yeah, everyone's the same. That's good. Real good! In fact I think I'm gonna go find me a militia to join" (why do you think I went to the Upper Peninsula?) ;) Just kidding. But, it really is amazing how homogeneous the population is outside of the cities, especially outside of LA where most of you all are from. That's not bad of course, it's just really different from most of our experiences.

14. There are a lot of nice people out there. There really are.

15. Canadians really do say "ayy" as in "So what do you want for your 50 bucks, ayy?

16. Ferry's are cool.

17. You can legally drive faster in the west than the east (generally 75 max vs. 65 max).

18. My left arm is darker than my right arm.

19. My truck is really, really, really dirty! :)

20. North Dakota is in the hay business. All along the side of the freeways... I mean Interstates, and some major highways there are those rolled hay bales just sitting there (this time of year anyway). The state leases the right of way to hay farmers who plant, grow and harvest the hay. Good deal I think.

21. In the east you say, "95" or "I-95" or "The Interstate". In LA you say, "The 405" or "The freeway".

22. They're serious about their ATV's in Michigan. Really serious.

23. Bridge may be icy.

24. Best line from the music I've listened to so far: "When your lips touch mine, my eyes go blind." Treat to Cal Beach happy hour for whoever identifies the song and group this is from (including alcohol - I know some of you need the proper incentive).

25. Friends and family are cool!