Oh Oh!

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Huhhh? What's that noise? Thunder? Oh, oh... ok, let's see how far. 1 1000, 2 1000, 3 1000... 3 miles! Not too bad. Let's hope it.... oh, oh.... 1 1000, 2 1000... Shoot, 2 miles. That's not good. Well, maybe it.... 1 1000, 2 1000... Dang! That was pretty close. Well, maybe it'll just pass through real quick, and....zzzzzzzzzz

Now what? Oh man! It's raining! What time is it? I don't have a watch here. It be way dark though. Well, there's my 30% for you. I should be so lucky in Vegas.... Oh well, there's nothing I can do now, so..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ok, time to get up. Is it still raining?!? Oh great! What the heck happened to my warmth and sunshine? Well, let's check everything. Ok, up on the top... looks ok I guess. Nothing leaking. Ok, lets check the sides... yeah, that all looks ok. Well, so maybe a little rain... I guess it won't kill me. Ok, well let's get dressed and see what it looks like outside. Oh dangit! I left the roll of paper towels outside. Well, no big. Let's see where are my shoes...? WHAT THE...!! Shi....!!!! What are those poodles underneath the tent!!!!! Aaaah!! Quick get the bags and stuff off the floor (grab, heave, grab, move...) Alright, let's take a closer look here.... Geesh, that's a lot of water underneath, but it's still dry... Let's check the other side... Oh man, that's even worse, but... well, it's still dry. yeah, but... it'll eventually soak through, especially if there's weight on it. But... I moved the stuff off of it.... Hummm. yeah, but it's still raining and there's probably gonna be more getting under there.... Wait a minute, weight... pressure. Oh, oh! (look under the mattress) Yikes! Now that's wet!! Shoot!!! Ok, get dressed and let's go check outside and see what the %^$$#!* is going on!

Well, there you go brilliant one. The water coming off the rain fly is dripping onto the ground cloth which is sticking out beyond it, and you're on a slight downhill. Oh way to go Camping Boy!!! Ok, screw it. I'm outta here... Ok, hold on there Mr. Overreaction. Let's just take care of things. Let's see... ok, throw everything from inside the tent into the truck... Ok, that's not too bad. Good thing I moved the guitar into the tent last night. Oh man, no way do I wanna deflate that air mattress.... beside I can't do it in there. It's wet already! Well, it's practically not raining... Ok, let's just haul it out inflated... Oomph... Well, now what am I gonna do with this huge thing??? Oh, I know. I'll just move my little camping end tables (best $10 I ever spent) and I'll just put it on top. Oh, oh, the fine Corinthian Corduroy top is getting a little wet... Ok, quick... dry off the tables... ok... There, I'll just flip it. The bottom's vinyl (and it's wet anyway).

Now to the tent. Man that's a lot of water under there. How am I gonna get rid of it? Shoot man, I'll just pull up the stakes and pull the ground cloth out - carefully, so I get the water out from under the tent. Ain't doing no good anyway. (pull up, pull up....) Careful.... Careful... Ok. Get over there you worthless... Now what about this mattress monstrosity? I can't leave it out cause it might start pouring again. Let's see... (I'm not deflating it!) I guess I can stand it up in the tent. Yeah... That'll work. There!

Good morning!!